Saf Noruff (Rapper)

Author-performer, founding member of the NORUFF group whose production is sought after by the most advanced connoisseurs.

He is also the author of Philosophie du rap, published by Symbiose editions.

Between tradition and new addictions, Saf 'likes to treat the text as much as the musicality and offers an ever more colorful rap palette.

A trilogy is being prepared in our armory: REVOLVERBE



• 2008: Creation of NORUFF

• 2010: NORUFF - Hip-Hop Roots

• 2011: NORUFF - Heavy For The Deaf

• 2013: NORUFF presents SAFIR - Bouge de là

• 2015: NORUFF - One Way

• 2016: NORUFF - Nightmares in Paname

• 2019: Release of the saf book, Philosophy of Rap published by Symbiose editions

• 2019: NORUFF - Clébard sans maître

• 2020: SAF NORUFF - REVOLVERBE VOL 1 / The writings remain

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